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To achieve the best possible results when selling your aircraft, it is important for your broker to possess a wide range of experience and skill in several key areas. The aircraft sales process consists of many important factors. One of these factors includes targeting and reaching the right prospects for your aircraft type and model. Our vast network of close contacts and friends in the industry gets your plane in front of the right buyers fast. In fact, many of our aircraft sales transactions are not known to the open market. 


Jet Ventures also incorporates many other proprietary systems, strategies and methodology to streamline the aircraft sales process. Our aircraft market intelligence and the power of the information we collect, sets us far apart from the competition. We are entrenched in the Jet markets every day collecting data in real time and keeping up with aircraft availability, market changes and value trends as they are happening. Knowing the markets the way we do makes you a savvy seller, ensuring you do not leave any money on the table. 


There are many other important factors to consider when selling your aircraft. Please contact us today to discuss our sales services and their advantages in further detail. 

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