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We approach each aircraft acquisition for our Clients as if we are spending our own capital. Because each aircraft buyer will someday be a seller, in addition to the initial purchase we also factor in the best exit position for the future. The process for a successful aircraft acquisition is extremely complex. Unlike the nature of other multi million dollar asset purchases, the added highly technical aspect of a Jet Aircraft and FAA government regulations, makes these transactions unlike any other you will encounter. 

Some of the aspects we handle for you are:


  • Worldwide market and fleet research to identify the best aircraft purchase options for you on and off the market.​​

  • ​Research each potential aircraft history for any known damage, incidents, Logbook status, past maintenance history and current maintenance status.

  • ​Negotiate aircraft purchase price with a goal to purchase under its current market value.

  • Negotiate favorable purchase offer and aircraft purchase agreement contract terms for our clients.

  • Negotiate favorable pre-purchase inspection scope and terms from the seller, adding additional value and security for our buyer.

  • Monitor and manage the pre-purchase inspection process and cost. 

  • ​Manage escrow, closing and aircraft delivery.

Contact us today to discuss in detail the additional value and security we bring to your aircraft purchase.

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