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Are you planning to start a corporate flight department? Or are you planning to make changes to an existing one? Maybe you want to purchase a corporate aircraft and have it professionally managed. Jet Ventures consulting services can advise you in many areas of corporate aviation.


Some of which include:​

  • Flight department planning and cost projections

  • ​Fleet planning and management

  • Aircraft acquisition process

  • Aircraft sales and marketing

  • Corporate Aircraft cost justification analysis

  • Aircraft management

  • Aircraft maintenance management

  • ​Ownership versus charter cost analysis

  • Part 135 charter revenue options

  • Ownership and maintenance cost projections

  • ​Aircraft market research and trend analysis

  • Aircraft valuations​ 

  • Flight mission profile analysis

​Feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to discuss in detail your specific short or long term needs. 

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